A Humorous Self-Realization

As my unemployment hits its one month mark, I’ve spent my time reflecting and contemplating my life decisions. In the beginning, I had gone nuts with my traveling, using up my well-deserved, precious credit card points that I had hoarded for so long. Thanks Chase Sapphire Reserve. To Honolulu I went! To LA I ate and conquered! The first two weeks were jam-packed with my traveling, visiting from site to site and doing interviews in between.

But when I came back home to San Francisco, I had too much time on my hands. I got bored real fast. I got self-destructive, ordering slices of chocolate cheesecake from GrubHub, blankly sitting in the pool for hours, binge watching Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (crap show), and taking 3 hour naps throughout the day. I felt a sense of dread. Everyone I knew was working a full-time job or about to attend grad school and here I was, an airhead with a bloated tummy. A roommate would ask me every day how the job search was doing and I would sweetly respond through gritted teeth, “It’s going great!”

But then I started to read more, to run off the cake calories, and researched more about Shopify entrepreneurs who had made their living online and through e-commerce. Pupper & Co., my online pet apparel store has been a passion project, but refining it and maintaining it is not easy. Having your own business is not easy, but people have done it because they were willing to put in the time.

I think it’s because I’ve been surrounded by people who has expressed doubt or skepticism, which is understandable because I’m not following the typical 9-5 job guideline that others follow; there is nothing doing a 9-5, but it isn’t for me. My mother almost had a heart attack when she found out that I quit. But isn’t being stuck in an office all day abnormal? Why must I conform to societal standards and land in every job safety net there is? I would like to enjoy my life and if I can creatively find a way to do so, I will. To surround myself with people who are like-minded, I went to a meetup in San Francisco to learn from others who have gone through the same process and succeeded. If they were able to do it, I can too. I was fascinated by these people. Some had been previous engineers or worked in marketing for Fortune 500 companies and they left because they wanted something more fulfilling. I learned a lot of tips and tricks that day and will be implementing it into my marketing strategy.

So on random mornings, I’ll prop a leg up on the sink counter (since it’s a power stance) and point at myself in the mirror and say, “YOU’RE AMAZING! YOU WILL GET SHIT DONE! STOP EATING THOSE CAKES! DRINK MORE WATER!” I’ll do some jumping jacks and get my day started. As dumb as it sounds, it does actually work and gets me pumped. So here I am, looking at expo fairs in China to find manufacturers and building my marketing game plan. I am all over the place, my hair is constantly frizzing, and I drink more coffee than a normal person should, but I am passionate and determined.

Here I come, world!


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