Ordering a fig leaf tree off Amazon.com

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.10.42 PM

So back in February, I became obsessive with decorating my bland looking room with plants. Being an avid Amazon prime user, I decided to search for my long awaited prize, The fiddle leaf fig tree! It is $12.99 + $5.54 shipping. You can purchase it here. According to Google, the tree is native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical rainforest.

I’m always so impressed with those interior design photos and started noticing a pattern. Each one had a fiddle leaf fig tree, which I’m guessing is all the new craze. So I bought one off the internet and hoped that I wouldn’t kill my new plant.

Things I made sure I did: 
-keep it near light, but not in direct sunlight
-water only when soil was dry
-provide well-drained, rich soil
-break off mature and old leaves to enable growth and regeneration

Below is an old photo back in late March. I was noticing that my tree would grow more leaves, but the stalk itself stopped growing. So what I did was add more soil and put the stalk upward, hoping that the height of the tree would continue increasing.


These are photos from this month. You can tell that there are more leaves, the colors are darker, and it’s grown out of the pot more.



I’m hoping that it will one day become as tall as me.


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