NorCal Corgi Con – Summer Edition 2017

Corgi Con is a wide-scale event that happens each year in different cities, especially within San Francisco and Los Angeles. The summer edition event was hosted at Ocean beach between Stairwell 21 and Fulton Street. Corgis from all over the area fly in or join in on the festivities. I’ve come to find that a lot of corgi owners know one another and many of them are Instagram stars with thousands of followers world-wide. The love for corgis have grown exponentially over the years, which I understand and feel it in my heart as well. Corgis are adorable, with their stubby little butts and wide grins. I was able to attend this year with my friends, take a nice walk around the beach, and got to pet some friendly corgis.

I could imagine around 10,000 attendees were there, possibly more. People were lining up to buy Corgi themed t-shirts, water bottles, and tote bags. There were some real Corgi Con fans out here. Swarms of people were taking photos, petting corgis, blasting music and drinking beers. Not to mention, the weather was warm and sunny–perfect for a day out.

Here are a few adorable corgis we met:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s why I love San Francisco. This city clearly adores and cherishes dogs–as we should.



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