Date Night in Japantown

My boyfriend, Sam, and I met up today after work to grab some dinner.

First stop was at Waraku, a Japanese ramen restaurant that sits on Post street in San Francisco. It’s nestled in between an array of shops that range from Korean bbq, Jiu-Jitsu studio, spa and sauna. We were seated quite promptly because the restaurant has ample seating. Sam and I both ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen (Deluxe), which came with chasu pork, green onions, bamboo shoots, kikurage mushrooms, bean sprouts, smoked egg, corn, seaweed, and braised pork belly. Not going to lie–we probably could’ve gotten away with ordering one appetizer and sharing one bowl of ramen. Nevertheless, the ramen was so good. It was flavorful, with flavors stemming from the sweet corn, caramelized braised pork, and salty bone broth soup.


Our second stop was at Uji Time Dessert, which was a discovery on accident. There used to be a mediocre boba shop which we would go to when we had no other option. When we walked over to the Peace Plaza, there was a line winding around the store and I was so confused. I thought there was someone famous or something big happening. I soon found out that a Uji Time was having its soft opening, selling mochi ice cream and ice cream in fish taiyaki. We ended up waiting 30 minutes for our lavender and matcha ice cream, which wasn’t too bad since it was such a novel idea and nothing I really had before. Plus, the taiyaki was incredible–the outside was crunchy, but the inner layer would melt in your mouth. I would say that I’m a definitely fan and will be coming back.


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